Drunk Driver Who Broke Police Officers Jaw Claimed He was ‘PROUD’ Of What Happened

We all know that people who get drunk and then who get behind the wheel of a car tend to be selfish individuals who believe that they are somehow above the law.

But the buffoon in this case also felt it right to break the jaw of a police officer who was sat in an ambulance with him after the drunk driver wrote off TWO cars.

In a move that defies any notion of decency, the buffoon later claimed that he was ‘proud’ of what he had done.

Anthony James Cooper got behind the wheel after drinking five pints of cider and a shot of whiskey according to reports in the DailyPost.co.uk

Cooper wrote off his car in a crash in Penyffordd having consumed enough alcohol to send him TWICE over the legal drink drive limit.

When Coopers Nan arrived at the scene of the first accident, having been called there by Cooper, he then also thought that it would be a good idea to drive off in her vehicle and subsequently wrote that car off too, by crashing into the Millennium Clock Tower.

Cooper was in an ambulance that had been called to the scene, but PC Ian Tapley feared he was going to become aggressive towards the paramedics, such was he inexcusable demeanour and aggressive attitude.

PC Tapley attempted to calm Cooper down but the 19-year-old punched the police officers several times, breaking his jaw with one of the blows.

Cooper was then conveyed  to Wrexham police station where he then attacked Custody Sergeant Roly Hicks meaning that he had to be restrained in his cell.

When Cooper was put on the evidential breathalyser machine (EBM) he was found to be over twice the limit!

Cooper said that he had “punched an officer and I am proud of that”.

PC Tapley was left needing surgery under general anaesthetic and has a plate fitted into his jaw that will be there for the rest of his life. He was unable to eat solid food, had lost weight and his sense of smell.

At Mold crown court last week, Cooper was told by judge Nicolas Parry that his actions had been “appalling”, and that he needed locking up as a deterrent.

The court was told about how Cooper had smashed his black Corsa into the back of a black Toyota being reversed out of a driveway at around 2200 hours on August 19.

The car was written off in the accident.

Cooper called his Nan, who, upon arriving at the scene, smelled alcohol on his breath.

Whilst waiting for the police to arrive at the location, Cooper grew more and more agitated and became more and more angry.

Cooper then decided to drive off in his Nans car, before again smashing into the Millennium Tower’s stone plinth.

Startled members of the public gathered around the 2nd crash scene before Cooper then decided to run back to the scene of the original crash where, by this time, officers had arrived.

In a message that will be applauded by many in the emergency services, presiding Judge Parry said: 

“attacks on police officers increasing at an alarming rate” and a “clear message must be sent out”.

He added:

“When police officers are injured carrying out their duties then sentences will be imposed to deter others.

“Anything other than an immediate custodial sentence cannot be entertained.”

Cooper admitted wounding, drink driving, criminal damage to a police radio and violent behaviour in a police station.

Defending barrister Sarah Badrawy said Cooper, of Eaton Close, Saltney, had written a letter which he wished to be handed to the officer, although he accepted that an apology would not rectify the damage that he had done.

Judge Parry sentenced him to 20 months youth detention. He was also banned from driving for 32 months.

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