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Emergency Services News is brought to you by a team of former emergency services and armed forces personnel who are passionate about sharing fact-based news, videos and blogs from the front line of the emergency services, NHS and armed forces.

Our Editor & founder, John Johnson, has served in both the armed forces, the Metropolitan Police and has also volunteered as a crew member for the RNLI on one of the busiest coastal stations in the UK. More recently, John has also donned the green jacket and worked with the NHS around the country.

At 16, John joined the Royal Navy as an electronic warfare specialist. He served on two frigates an aircraft carrier and even spent a bit of time on a U.S Navy Frigate (USS Klakring). 

John and his shipmates saw active service in Sierra Leone (1999) and the NATO/Yugoslavia conflict (also in 1999).

Due to the nature of his job when he was posted to PJHQ (J2) in Northwood, John had one of the highest security clearances in NATO. 

John went on to spend a total of eight years (three as a Special) working on a 999 response team based in Tower Hamlets. During his time in the Met, John received several commendations for professionalism and bravery. One of these commendations was for disarming a knife-wielding male, along with his colleagues, who had been threatening people in a fast-food takeaway.

John is often invited onto national and regional radio stations to talk about the emergency services.

John said: 

“I started the news website because of the number of negative and inaccurate stories which were being written about the emergency services by some sections of the mainstream media. 

“No organisation is perfect, but it seemed that only the negative stories made the news. 

“These harmful and inaccurate stories often paint an unfair picture of the brave men and women who serve in the emergency services, healthcare sector, security services and armed forces. 

“Not only have I had the privilege of serving in the emergency services, but my wife is a police officer. 

“I have two brothers-in-law who currently serve in the Police, my mum works in an NHS renal unit, one of my sisters is a midwife, another one is an ECA, my father-in-law was a firefighter for 30 years, my mother-in-law was a Matron on a specialist burns unit for nearly 30 years, and my uncle was a police dog handler for over 20 years. My dad was also a member of police staff for over 20 years. 

“I have a cousin who is in the Royal Navy, another who is a combat medic in the British Army, my uncle was a Royal Marine and fought in the Falklands war in 1982, another one of my cousins was also in the Royal Marines and fought in Afghan during two tours of duty. 

John Johnson on BBC Essex.

“My Grandad was a Medic during the 2nd World War and was stationed in North Africa, and my Great Grandad fought in the battle of Ypres during WW1. 

“I have a very close affinity to the emergency services, NHS and armed forces. It was an honour to serve.

“I am passionate about speaking up for my former colleagues and take enormous pride in the fact that over 500,000 people each month read our stories”. 

John Johnson on BBC Kent.

Emergency Services news is the only dedicated emergency services ‘news’ outlet that is trusted by the men and women who serve in the emergency services, armed forces and NHS.

We are also trusted by our much-valued civilian readers to bring them exciting and interesting stories from within the world of the emergency services, NHS and armed forces.

We also cover emergency services related stories from around the world. 

We are also passionate about sharing videos which highlight the fantastic work of the armed forces and emergency services.

Our team is 100% ‘a-political’, meaning that we do not support any single Political party. 

What we do support, however, is common sense.

We are trusted as a reliable source of information because our team is made up of former emergency services and armed forces personnel.

At the heart of what we do, are the following six principles: 

  1. To reduce the instances of abuse against and assaults upon NHS & emergency services personnel. We have a special section on our website that is dedicated to cataloguing the violence faced by our former colleagues.
  2. To promote better mental health services to emergency services & NHS personnel.
  3. To be a voice for the brave men and women who serve on the frontline.
  4. To highlight the sacrifices which are made by the courageous men and women who are on the front line of the emergency services & armed forces
  5. To help prevent people from becoming the victim of a crime.
  6. To propagate fact-based reporting that is free from political or ideological bias.

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