About Us

‘Emergency Services News’ is brought to you by the team of Admins behind the popular Facebook page ‘Emergency Services Humour’ (265,000 followers).

Our ‘Head Admin’, ‘Cop(ex)’, has served in both the armed forces, the Metropolitan Police and has also volunteered as a crew member for the RNLI on one of the busiest coastal stations in the UK.

We are the only dedicated emergency services ‘news’ outlet that is trusted by the men and women who serve in the emergency services, armed forces and NHS.

We are also trusted by our civilian readers to bring them interesting stories from within the world of the emergency services.


We cover emergency services related stories from around the world. Sometimes these stories are serious and sometimes they are light-hearted. But they are never fake stories!

We do not ‘sensationalise’ stories in order to try and attract more web-traffic. Nor do we distort the facts around a story in order to push our own agenda.

We are passionate about being the ‘unofficial’ voice of anyone who has served and we are passionate about sharing the reality of life in the emergency services with the general public.

We are proud to act as the unofficial voice of the men and women who serve.

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Our team is 100% ‘a-political’ meaning that we do not support any one Political party. 

What we do support, however, is common sense and the abolition of ‘political correctness’.

Each month, around 500,000 people read our stories.

Many of the stories which we feature get sent into us by the men and women on the front line of the emergency services, NHS and armed forces.

We are trusted as a reliable source of information because our team is made up of former emergency services and armed forces personnel.


If you have a story or video that you would like to share with us, then you can contact our team at: contact@emergency-services.news

We also have a popular satirical fortnightly eMagazine that contains all of the content which we do not share publicly, including loads of exclusive blogs and special features.

It only costs £1-per-month to subscribe to our eMagazine, aptly named ‘S__t & Giggles’.

ANYONE from ANY country can sign-up to S__ts & Giggles, whether or not you have served in the emergency services/armed forces. 

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