WATCH: Armed Robber Gets Locked In Shop During Botched Robbery

A video has emerged on social media of the moment an armed robber realises that he has been locked in the shop that he tried to rob.

At the beginning of the video, the male calmly walks into the store with his hood up as he passes a mother and her young child to his right.

To his left, is a member of staff who watches the hooded male as he heads over to the counter.

Out of shot of the camera, the male then reaches into his waistband and produces a handgun.

The member of staff who had been to the left of the suspect as he entered the store then gets to her feet and shouts ‘hey’ as the suspect moves towards the stores counter.

The hooded male then approaches a cashier and demands that she open the till.

Despite his repeated demands, the cashier tells the suspect that the cashier will not open.

By this stage, the first employee who the suspect walked past as he entered the store walks towards the front door of the shop.

Once outside, she beckons the mother and her child to leave the store without the suspect even noticing as he continues to search for items to steal from the store.

Seizing her moment, the cashier also emerges from behind the counter and runs towards the front of the store as the first employee explains that she is going to lock the male in.

The door to the store is then shut and locked without the suspect even noticing what is going on.

After several moments, the suspect walks toward the front door of the store and tries to open it but he then realises that he has been locked in.

He then turns around and says: “f**k, I’m stuck” and tries smashing through the door.

Despite firing several shots at the lock on the door and pleading with people outside to be let out, he is contained inside the building until officers arrive and take him into custody without any incident.

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