WATCH: Firefighter Gets Some Assistance From An Expert Volunteer

Firefighters based at Royston Fire Station enlisted the help of an eager volunteer whilst carrying out the art of trying to stow away a hose.

In the short video that was uploaded by @roystonfire via Twitter, a young girl called Courtney can be seen expertly positioning herself dead-centre of the hose before slowly moving forward and, with extreme precision, helping a firefighter to get the hose ready to be packed away.

Followers were quick to praise the young girl for her expert help.

Neil McManus said on twitter:

“Thats some good skills, for those that do not know, it is not easy to roll them things”.

Courtney’s mum, Julie, said:

“Absolutely brilliant, Courtney had the most fantastic time and her and Jay were included all day.

“Thank you Royston fire station”.

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