WATCH: Ever Wondered Where The Term ‘Furry Missile’ Comes From?

There are many different endearing names which are given by police officers to police dogs.

‘Land sharks’, ‘furry exocet’ and ‘furry missile’ to name a few.

But if you have ever wondered why police dogs are sometimes compared with super-sonic missiles, then this short video will show exactly why!

The video below was shared by @DC_PoliceDogs on twitter and shows a police dog launching itself at a ‘volunteer’ during a training exercise.

The volunteer is fully clothed in a ‘protective’ suit that will save him from the dogs teeth.

But it did not save him from the dogs kinetic energy!

In the video, the dog flies through the air for at least 10ft before making contact with the ‘volunteer’ and promptly knocking him over, much to the delight of onlookers.

And this is one of the reasons as to why police dogs are sometimes called ‘furry missiles’ and why they are loved so much by not only the emergency services family, but by members of the public too (apart from criminals).

We have taken the liberty of slowing this video down – just for your visual delight 🙂

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