‘There Is More Outrage About M&S Sweets Than There Is About This…’ | Former Police Sergeant

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Today’s blog is written by a former Police Sergeant who has recently retired from the force:

“The Police have always been the subject of criticism mostly in part from the criminal classes as well as those with an axe to grind.

Over the past decade this has changed.

Politicians up to Ministerial level, celebrities with agendas, people with a perverse sense of entitlement.

Members of the public with no criminal past have been educated to challenge everything which they, in turn, have passed on to their offspring.

Respect for authority has become antiquated and uncool.

The starting point of many reported incidents is distrust of the police and empathy for the offender who for reasons beyond me is often seen as the victim.

This is why society is free falling towards anarchy where the Police are fast becoming the outlaws.

We have allowed this to happen unchallenged and unabated.

At the first sign of criticism, the police at the most senior of levels throughout the land capitulate without so much as a whimper.

By accepting everything they validate it and send a clear message to observers that the criticism must, therefore, be justified.

The result of this is we now have a virtually impotent police service treading on eggshells for fear of upsetting people along the way.

Desperately trying to please everybody and frequently ending up pleasing nobody.

The biggest kid in the playground is running scared and as a result, the playground is fast becoming a no go zone.

Think back to the last time you heard a serving chief or commissioner publicly support individual officers who have been vilified and smeared by pressure groups/MPs etc.

Take the latest example of the Met officer striking a detained male in order to obtain compliance.

Any officer with a modicum of experience and sense can see he acted professionally and correctly.

Why wasn’t the response “We are Happy with the officer’s actions and will not be referring the matter to the IOPC”.

Where’s the criticism of the IOPC for pre-empting a referral with inflammatory social media comments.

Where’s the outcry for taking years to complete investigations which should at best take weeks.

Where’s the Outcry from serving not retired ACPO ranks about the orchestrated campaign of anti-propaganda by media/government members constantly putting a negative slant on all the police do.

Where’s the fight back.

Police declined to comment is simply not good enough.

This is why we have kids happy to deliver flying kicks to officers in broad daylight whilst being filmed.

There is more outrage about M&S sweets than there is about this.

The public is constantly told the police are worthless, do what you want to them without any significant consequence.

The judicial system has long since given up on any support for the police again without so much as a whimper from ACPO.

We have a society where the vocal minority rule over the silent majority.

The only group that can change this has been rendered insignificant by its refusal to take a stand and fight back.

We are fast becoming a lawless society.

Not only is the thin blue line getting thinner but worse than that it’s becoming irrelevant”.

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  • Assault/police should be included in the charge list at every available opportunity, it should be kept there by the CPS, and the courts should not only consider it as the serious offence it is, but it should also be considered an aggravating factor in any other offences that led to that individual being involved with police in the first place

  • These attacks on our brave officers are disgusting, kids need to be shown to respect our services, even now I’m a pensioner I could not disrespect our service people, it was ingrained in me as a child to respect them, heavy sentences are needed as a deterrent.

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