IS Bride Shamima Begum ‘Given Legal Aid’ For Citizenship Fight

The BBC is reporting that IS bride and sympathiser Shamima Begum has been granted legal aid in order to fight the UK Governments decision to strip her of her citizenship.

The 19-year-old was stripped of her citizenship in February this year after she was found in a Syrian refugee camp having travelled across Europe to join the barbaric IS in 2015.

As IS lost ground over recent months, culminating in its eventual defeat, members of what many have branded as being a ‘death cult’ fled its previously held ground.

The Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said the Legal Aid Agency’s decision to assist Ms Begum made him feel “very uncomfortable”.

The decision means that the British taxpayer will now foot the considerable legal bill expected to be racked up by the legal team representing Begum.

This is despite the fact that the vast and overwhelming majority of the British taxpaying public does not want Begum to be accepted back into the country.

Legal aid is financial assistance that is provided to those unable to afford legal representation themselves.

It is means-tested and its availability has been cut back significantly in recent years.

Civil servants at the Legal Aid Agency are responsible for making decisions about who receives legal aid.

The decision to grant Begum legal aid is expected to infuriate the vast majority of the general public including members of the armed forces community who risked their own lives in order to help fight IS.

IS, the organisation that Begum travelled across Europe to join, was responsible for the murder and torture of thousands of men, women and children.

A recent article published by The Telegraph suggested that Begum was a member of the ‘morality police’ within IS

A spokesperson for the Free Yezidi Foundation said:

‘Appropriate for those in Britain who claim that Shamima Begum deserves to return to UK to reconsider their positions.

‘ISIS morality police behaved like Nazis, not innocent schoolgirls.

‘Do genocidaires deserve safe have[n] in UK because of their citizenship?’

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  • She shouldn’t be allowed back in to the country

  • She has been sewing bombers into suicide jackets. She is NOT an innocent schoolgirl, she is a dangerous immoral terrorist! How can we in all seriousness try to put the cap on knife crime in this country and teach our children that violence is wrong when someone like this who blows people up for a living is given OUR money to fight for her citizenship? Her choice, she knew what she was doing and still does! Her family should be ashamed to fight for her and , quite frankly, should not be allowed to live here either. If they want to be with her, go and join her. This sets a dangerous precedent for anyone who wants to murder British people and then get paid for it

  • This is all wrong..totally wrong..this pathetic excuse of a goverment are a laughing stock..ohh be a terrorist ya get legal aid n free to come back to Britain to plan ur nxt move….👊👊👊👊👊👊.why not immergrants get everything while there own suffer…the whole establishment..goverment.parliment are traitors and need locking up..this is onli going to cause more n more anger amongst the british ppl..soooo so wrong in many ways.she should stay were she is.she made her bed leave her lay in it…..Conservative n Labour are finished in this country…

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