An Insight Into Why So Many Detectives Are Leaving The Police

The ‘blog’ below was sent into our team anonymously. It gives an insight into why so many experienced police officers are leaving a job that they once loved.

It seems that some forces around the country have implemented shift patterns which mean that officers are spending less and less time with their family and friends.

When you are in a job as stressful as the emergency services, then ‘time out’ is vital. It gives the mind and the body a chance to ‘regroup’. This is why spending time with family and friends is so important.

But, when the workload becomes overbearing, then many officers feel like they have no choice other than to quit the job that they once loved.

‘Nights continue but for me with one thought in mind, one of my colleagues put her papers in last night as she has found a new job! 5+ years service has just qualified as a DC. A hard-working, talented & experienced officer now soon to be ex-police officer.

I discussed this with her last night on why she’s decided to go. There are a number of reasons but to name a couple;

1) workload is unrealistic as there isn’t enough of us to deal with what we have coming in meaning she feels she can’t provide the level of service that people rightly deserve

2) the shift pattern is SO bad that she no longer has a work life balance, she barely gets to see her partner anymore because of this pattern. Now there are a few other things but these 2 are ones that really stick out for me. She is a bloody hard worker so when things come in she is always one to get involved.

We work together quite a bit as I like going out of the office to things & we work well together!

We carry a similar number of jobs but end up having to work longer hours, rest days, at home etc just to keep afloat with what we currently have on our work files.

When managing risk constantly you can suffer burn out, you end up thinking about jobs constantly when at home so resting the old grey matter doesn’t happen.

This is not poor time management but lack of time management.

Having a work life balance is vitaly important. This is needed in every role within policing & every job.

Currently we have a work work balance as the shifts have been put together by analysts solely on demand with very little taken into account about the need to rest/family time/recuperation.

Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise clearly doesn’t work the shift pattern!

Part of the pattern is 7 on 1 off 3 on and 7 on with the last as 3 nights then 2 off back in for 3. It’s simply exhausting!

She said she spends more time with me than with her partner not that she doesn’t enjoy my company but she cant go on like this, its not healthy.

I get what she says as there are times I feel like an outsider when I get home because I’m away so much.

She asked me if I would leave, I had to think about this, I’ve 13 years in and it’s all I know but I’m now at a stage where my little girl gets upset when i go to work saying “daddy no go please” and it breaks my heart.

I make sure when we are together that we do as much as we can but would I carry on if I found/offered something else…… I don’t know now.

Somethings got to change’.

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