‘She Then Reversed Her Car Again And Ran Over My Foot’ | Paramedic | Guest Blog

The following blog was sent into us by a colleague from the thin green line (ambulance service).

It highlights the sort of abuse, both physical and verbal, that members of the ambulance service have to face on a daily basis.

We are sharing it in the hope that anyone who is minded to abuse a member of an emergency ambulance crew, might just think twice before they act:

‘I was attending a job at a sheltered housing centre in Leeds, the ambulance wasn’t able to be parked in the designated space as a driver had parked not in their space.

The ambulance was left blocking in 3 cars in the car park .

When my crewmate and I came back to the vehicle, I could see that one of the cars had their headlights on.

My crewmate jumped in the back with our patient and I jumped I the front to move our vehicle out of the way.

No one had approached us at this point.

After the vehicle had been moved, there was a loud and prolonged sounding of a car horn. I got out of the cab and approached the vehicle.

I was screamed at by the member of the public stating that they were late for their calls.

I apologised for blocking them in and started to say that we hadn’t been able to park in the ambulance spot.

She then screamed at me again and said there’s an ambulance space!

I tried to de-escalate the situation by telling her my name and who I worked for. She screamed back at me that she knew who I worked for.

I decided that the best course of action would be to guide her out of her spot and let her get on her way.

I went to the front of her car to guide her past our vehicle (even though she had loads of room).

As I was stood in front of her car, she promptly reversed her car and then drove it at me! I fell forwards onto the bonnet as it struck my legs.

I calmly asked her what she was doing, she screamed again that she was late for her calls. I went to the side of her car to tell her she couldn’t leave after hitting me.

She then reversed her car again and ran over my foot.

I yelled out and she screamed at me” what are you doing!?” I informed her politely that she had just run over my foot, she replied “well, you should have got the f**k out of the way!!!”

I knocked on the vehicle window and informed my crewmate.

He came out and asked if I was okay, he apologised to the lady for blocking her in and she just gave him a load of verbal.

We got Comms to ring the police who turned up and didn’t arrest her. ( No necessity).

They had CCTV of it all, we have statements ( crewmate and I).

They finally got her in for a VA Feb 6th, after she went on her jollies for 3 weeks.

The case was finally sent to the prosecution team on March 13th. And I’m still awaiting a decision from CPS.

‘Oh, this happened November 23rd 2018’.

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