West London Endures 28 Aggravated Burglaries In TWO DAYS As Suspects Use High-Performance Vehicles

Details have emerged via social media of 28 aggravated burglaries occurring over a 48 period in Hounslow, Ealing, Yeading, Isleworth, West Drayton & Northolt.

It would appear that the majority of the burglaries are being carried out by suspects who are using high-performance vehicles such as Audi S3’s and VW Golf R’s.

An anonymous Met Police Officer said on social media:

“28 aggravated burglaries in 2 days on West Area.

“All involving high power vehicles.

“After 3 offences, ALL Met TPAC (Tactical Pursuit And Containment) resources should have been sent there. These are violent, dangerous offenders.

“28 aggravated burglaries in two days on WA. Let that sink in”.

The shocking figures reveal the extraordinary work volume that officers up-and-down the country are having to cope with at a time when Forces are trying to shore up the holes which were left following the ‘austerity’ measures which saw the budgets of police forces around the country cut.

At a time when police resources are already extremely overstretched in the wake of the horrendous rise in knife crime, this latest news will come as a worry to many.

Whilst many forces have been given extra funding, the inevitable turnaround time between those funds being able to have an effect on slowing down the crime wave and the present time will no-doubt lead to more anxiety being felt by many people both inside and outside of the emergency services family.

The anonymous officer continued:

“The West Intercept Team have one working vehicle. I can’t even borrow an Advanced car to try and catch these individuals. It’s beyond parody. Nobody gives a hoot”.

Of four vehicles which should have been available to the officer and his/her team, one is allegedly out of service with another two currently with Babcock’s, the Forces’ vehicle maintenance contractor.

The Met Police, in particular, are feeling the strain as experienced Detectives and uniformed officers are leaving the force due, in part, to recent changes to their shift patterns and owing to the fact that many departments have been forced to re-locate to different parts of London.

Response Team officers have also cited their concern over the recent merging of Borough Operation Command Units (BOCU’s) which have seen various London Boroughs being merged into one operational unit with one officer stating:

“What did they think would happen when they merged three BOCU’s?

“Lack of troops on the ground, resources in the wrong place”

Senior Officers have been working hard to try and deal with the fallout of having their budgets slashed and being told to make savings by the Government during the highly controversial ‘austerity’ measures which were put in place over the last several years.

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