WATCH: Why You Should Never Leave Your Suspect Alone In A Room With Windows!

One of the many cardinal rules when it comes to looking after your suspect (as a police officer) is not leaving them on their own when they are being left in a room that is not a cell.

Not only do you risk losing your DP (Detained Person), but you also risk a hefty cake fine from your colleagues, a fine from your bosses and maybe even some sort of disciplinary hearing.

So we are sharing this video more as a ‘reminder’ to any of the ‘newbies’ out there who have recently completed their basic training and are soon to head out onto the streets.

No matter how ‘friendly’ or how ‘calm’ your DP might be, chances are that if they see a potential route to freedom, then they will most likely take it.

The reaction from the officer when he returns to the room only to find that the DP has legged it indicates who much explaining he will now have to do when his boss asks him how the male managed to escape.

We are not sure if the DP, in this incidence, was later found by the Cops or what he had been detained for.

But if you ever happen to see someone running around whilst in handcuffs and not being accompanied by an officer of the law, then its always a good idea to call the police straight away!

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