WATCH: Strangers Rally Together To Rescue A Dog

Footage has emerged on social media of the moment a group of volunteers came together in order to rescue a dog from a storm drain.

In the heartwarming footage, a male descends a steep embankment in order to enter the fast-moving water as the dog tries to keep its footing in order to prevent itself from falling over a ledge.

As the male gets closer to the dog, the raging torrent of water almost washes the dog away as it stands inches away from a 4ft drop.

Whilst the water is only around half a foot deep, the fast current means that it could easilly dislodge the rescuers footing which would result in him being washed away.

As the male gets closer to the dog, he manages to quickly grab it before the dog vanishes.

But the rescuer and the dog still aren’t out of trouble yet.

As the male pulls the dog to safety, he quickly realises that he is not going to be able to get out of the storm drain on his own.

That’s when several volunteers spring into action in order to try and save both the dog and the male.

The group of several onlooker form a human chain down the steep concrete bank that leads straight to the water.

The male at the front of the human chain is then lowered down to the rescued dog and the male who first went into the fast-moving water.

Even with three people in the human chain, they still cannot reach the dog and the male.

The male who had ventured out into the water to rescue the dog then tries to throw the dog the few feet between himself and the first person in the human chain.

But it doesn’t work.

The dog and its human companion keep falling down the bank of the storm drain which has now become wet and slippery.

The male who first entered the water then leaves the dog for just a few seconds and manages to hold on to the human chain as the dog looks on.

A small gathering of people had stopped to watch the incident as it unfolded and then suddenly another male comes running forward in order to lend another pair of hands.

By this time, the volunteers had become exhausted from their efforts of trying to pull the dog and rescuer out of imminent danger.

However, with the help of the latest volunteer to join the rescue, they form a human chain one more time in a last-ditch attempt at rescueing the dog.

And thankfully, this time, it worked!

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