West Midlands Police Release Statement After Edited Video Goes Viral

West Midlands Police has released a statement following the circulation of video footage on social media of its officers trying to detain a man went viral.

In the edited footage, several officers can be seen trying to detain a male using Pava spray and various distraction techniques which are often used by the police when trying to detain a violent and combative suspect.

However, in the footage that was circulated on social media, only the footage of the moment that the officers tried to detain the male was shared, leaving out the footage of the male attacking the officers before they tried to subdue him.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said:

‘On 25 February officers were called by a doctor who was conducting a mental health assessment in Sandwell. During the assessment, the 38-year-old man became violent and assaulted the doctor with a metal crutch, so police were called.

The video circulating on social media shows edited footage of officers who attended but does not show the events which lead up to his restraint.

The full body worn video of the response shows the man attack the officers with his walking sticks injuring three of them.

‘Incapacitant spray was used and one officer appears to be using a distraction tactic and a full review of the circumstances will take place to decide whether the use of force was proportionate

‘The man was arrested on suspicion of assault and taken into custody. He was medically examined while in custody and he had not received any injuries. He is currently receiving treatment in a mental health facility.

‘Three officers sustained various injuries to their arms, heads, face and hands while two officers were treated for the effects of the incapacitant spray. The doctor sustained a minor arm injury.

Head of the force’s Professional Standards Department, Chief Superintendent Chris Todd said:

“We do not underestimate the impact this video has on the public’s confidence in policing.

“On first view, the video is really shocking and we need to understand the full context of what the officers were facing”.

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  • Unfortunately to many people are prepared to be judge and jury without being in possession of the full facts. I call them lardy assed keyboard commentators.

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