Why The 2.7% Pay Rise For MPs Has Caused So Much Resentment

In light of the recent pay increase awarded to MPs, that will see their basic salary rise to just under £80,000 per annum, we received the following message from one of our followers.

It summarises nicely just why so many people get so angry and annoyed when they see what many regard as blatant hypocrisy.

Maybe people would perhaps not feel so aggrieved was it not for the fact that our country is in a complete mess due, in part, to a total lack of good, driven, motivated and sincere leadership from ALL political parties:

‘Hi I have never written in or done anything like this.

‘I read your post earlier about MPs pay rise and it really got to me.

‘So I tried to compare it with Police nurses and teachers pay and pay rises.

‘I am a serving police officer and may be being a bit biased but I did not feel it was fair. I hope what I have written below is correct but it is from my research

‘Sorry rant time. So it has been reported that MPs will now receive another pay rise of 2.7% which is an above inflation hike.

‘Just want to try and put that into context.

‘Nurses starting salary 2010 = £21,200

‘Nurses starting salary 2018 = £23,000

‘So an increase?? No, unfortunately not. If you take the rate of inflation in those years that’s actually a pay cut of 8% (£1,900)

‘Police starting Salary 2010 = £23,300

‘Police starting Salary 2017 = £23,100

‘Taking into account inflation between 2010 and 2018, this was a reduction in pay of 16% (£4,300)

‘Teachers starting salary 2010 = £21,600

‘Teachers starting salary 2017 = £22,900

‘Taking into account inflation this is a pay cut of 10% (£2,500) I must stress though this is for newly qualified teachers in local authority-funded schools, rather than academies or free schools.

‘MPs starting Salary 2010 = £65,700

‘MPs starting Salary 2018 = £77,400

‘Again take into account inflation like we have done above, that is also a pay cut. But a pay cut of 0.1% which is £50. However as shown above MPs will now receive another pay rise in 2019.

‘To me this does not seem fair. How does the saying go. “We are all in this together” doesn’t feel like it.

‘sorry for the long message. FYI love your page’.

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