WATCH: ‘Can You Do The Gangnam Style Dance?’ – Kids Ask A Police Inspector Some Pressing Questions

The Police often ask parents to teach their young children that police officers are here to help them, not to arrest them (referring to the statement that some parents make to their children: ‘the police will come and take you away’).

This is because, as an example, if your young child goes missing, or gets lost, then they might be put off from approaching a police officer and asking for help, because their parents taught them that the police will ‘take them away!’.

So it is great to see that a Police Inspector from Bedfordshire Police took several pressing questions from some young children about policing and the police (scroll down for video).

As you can imagine, during the ‘interview’ there were some very testing questions which were posed by the class.

Questions such as ‘does your car drive fast?’ and ‘Do you get scared?’.

Another probing questions put forward by the ‘interviewer’ was ‘what do you do with the bad guys?’

One question that did catch the 15-year-veteran police inspector off guard was ‘Do people steal butterflies?’.

And one question posed by the young interviewer that probably does confuse quite a few members of the public was ‘what do you say on your walkie-talkies cause you say silly words?’.

Watching the video did make our team smile and few can deny that this sort of ‘outreach’ work to young children by the emergency services is an excellent idea.

Thanks to Bedfordshire Police for letting us share the video. Let us know what you think in the comments below:

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