Driver Who Allegedly Filmed Himself Driving At 170 MPH In Audi S3 Arrested On Suspicion Of Dangerous Driving

Whatever your views on speeding, it would be hard to excuse anyone who decided to punt their vehicle at nearly 200 MPH whilst driving on a public road.

Driving at this speed is one thing, but driving at this speed whilst filming yourself and then uploading the footage to social media is a whole new level of stupidity.

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit managed to track down the individual who is alleged to of driven at a speed that even a commerical pilot preparing for take-off whilst speeding up along a runway would gawk at.

A spokesperson for the unit said:

‘Facebook is great most of the time. But we’ve all got one of those ‘friends’ who likes to post to show off and just loves attention.

‘Unfortunately for the driver of an Audi S3 from Matlock, the temptation to show off got a little too much.

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit

‘He posted a video of the S3 screaming it’s guts out whilst the speedo was showing 170mph, identified as on the A38 near Egginton in the south of the county.

‘That video along with the contents of his Facebook profile have been viewed and downloaded by our Force Intelligence Unit.

‘Yesterday he was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

‘The S3 has been seized to enable the enquiry to progress with a mechanical exam by our vehicle examiners and for consideration of forfeiture.

‘His mobile phone has been seized and has been analysed by a Detective from our Collision Investigation Unit.

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit

‘The male has been interviewed and now been released under investigation whilst we continue these enquiries.

‘Driving like this isn’t funny and it isn’t clever.

‘We cannot fathom why people jump in cars and think they can do whatever they like. If you think you can, we’re coming for you next.

‘Don’t become a statistic and don’t make someone else one.

‘A snapshot of his ridiculous video and a photo of the same speedo in the cold light of day after his arrest are included’.

When we tried to research the stopping distance at 170 mph, funnily enough, there wasn’t that much information.

But it would probably take around 800 feet or around 240 metres to stop whilst travelling at a speed of around 170 mph.

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