Violent Burglar Who Fled To Benidorm Jailed Following Met Police Investigation

A man who was part of a violent gang who assaulted a father and son in their home whilst carrying out a burglary has been jailed for eight years and three months following a successful investigation by the Metropolitan Police

James Connors, 43 (15.08.1975) of no fixed address was sentenced today, Wednesday, 13 February at Harrow Crown Court after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary on Friday, 8 February.

The court heard that on 1 December 2018 at about 19:20 hours, the victim, a 50-year-old man was home alone at his address in West Drive, HA3 when he heard a bang.

He rushed downstairs and saw a man enter through a smashed window.

He was then joined by a second man who entered through the same window holding a screwdriver and a third man holding a bottle.

The third man forced the victim down on the sofa and then hit him over the head and punched him in the jaw.

The victim fought back and took the screwdriver from the suspect.

His son, a 25-year-old man returned home to find his father grappling with the suspects.

He was assaulted by the third male who was also in possession of a tennis racket hitting him on his forearm and elbow.

He grabbed two knives from the kitchen and all three males then made off from the address in a grey vehicle.

They left empty handed.

Officers attended. Both men were treated at the scene by London Ambulance Service and did not require hospital treatment. 

A blood like substance was recovered from the rim of a plant pot on top of the garden path where one of the men was stood and threatened the victims. 

This led to officers to identifying Connors as one of the men involved.

Officers immediately made enquiries to track him down. It transpired he travelled out of the UK by car via the Eurotunnel on 3 December. 

He was eventually tracked down in Benidorm.

A European Arrest Warrant and European Investigation Order were obtained on the 20 December and he was extradited back to the UK by the Spanish authorities on the 21st December.

He was charged on 10 January. 

A spokesperson for the Met Police confirmed that the other suspects remain outstanding. 

Detective Sergeant Kelly Schonhage, North West Command Unit said: 

“Connors thought he could flee the country and not face justice but this case should demonstrate that any form of crime is a priority for us and we will track you down.

“His sentence should reflect how serious this type of offence is taken.

“We will continue to work together with the community to tackle organised crime.”

If you can help the police identify the other two suspects then please call the non-emergency police number on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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