Remember ‘Elsa’ Getting ‘Arrested?’ She Made Bail (And Raised Over £1,000 For Charity)

Last week, we shared a story about ‘Elsa’ (the Princess from ‘Frozen’) being ‘arrested’ by Surrey police officers (during their break) for being responsible for the cold weather that has since vanished.

In fact, some might say that it was her arrest that has led to the milder weather…

The aim of the ‘arrest’ was to raise money for the homeless with a target of £1,000 being set by the crowdfunding campaign

Well, we are pleased confirm that, thanks to YOUR support, £1,145 was raised for Surrey Outreach and Street Link!

A post shared on the Reigate & Banstead Police facebook page said:

‘For the First Time in Forever’ Elsa has been released on Police Bail (whilst under investigation) pending further enquiries.

‘In a ‘chilling’ police interview she stated that the cold weather had nothing to do with her so we are now following up some positive lines of enquiry with the Met………Office as to the full circumstances around the weather.

‘We should have an update ‘In Summer’.

Over £1,000 was raised

‘If we are unable to build a case against Elsa then we will have to ‘Let It Go’.

‘Right that’s the puns out of the way, now for the serious stuff.

‘The total at time of writing stands at a staggering £1,105.10!! A fantastic amount raised in a matter of days for Surrey Outreach and Street Link!

‘We hope it makes someones life that little bit easier and allows these two great charities to carry on with their amazing work.

‘We just want to say a massive THANK YOU to the 103 people who donated and for everyone who liked and shared across Facebook and Twitter.

‘There is still time to donate so if you want to chuck a few quid in then feel free.

‘p.s I am on my day off Rory. 👍


It just goes to show that despite some attempts at trying to undermine this fantastic fundraising project by some sections of the mainstream media, the campaign not only reached its financial target, but it beat it be over 10%!

If the emergency services want to dedicate some of their OWN time to help local good causes, then they should not have to worry about the stories being churned out by some sections of the media in a negative manner.

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