Why Do Some People Complain When They See Emergency Services Personnel Buying Food?

One of the frustrating things about covering stories from the front line of the emergency services & NHS, is just how often we hear about our former colleagues being moaned at for DARING to buy food and/or drink whilst at work.

It’s as if some people seem to be silly enough to think that as a member of the emergency services, then you should spend every single minute of your 12-hour shift racing from call to call or dealing with the non-stop flow of patients.

Do the people who moan not realise that emergency services personnel are humans too and thus they need food and water to survive?

Do the people who moan think that emergency services and NHS personnel are robots? Are they REALLY that naive?

I bet you all £1 that if the people who moan had a member of their own family serving in the emergency services / NHS, then they would INSIST that they took advantage of as many breaks as possible!

So why the double standards? Why would it NOT be ok for their family/friends to work without a break yet it IS ok for everyone else to work without taking on any food or water?

I should point out, that 99% of people, the genuine decent folk out there, could not care less if a member of the emergency services is ‘spotted’ daring to fulfill their instinctive right to survive by eating and drinking.

And It is also worth noting that the majority of senior officers always support their staff if ever some jobsworth goes to the trouble of taking a picture of emergency services personnel who have DARED to have a break.

I challenge ANYONE who has ever complained about a member of the emergency services/NHS taking a break to spend 20 minutes browsing our website.

Just take some time to read about some of the horrific incidents which our colleagues have to deal with.

Or maybe read some of the articles in our ‘Assaulted on Duty’ section and then hopefully you will start to understand that our colleagues not only deserve a break but that they genuinely need them too!

I imagine that most of these complainers probably INSIST on taking their 1-hour lunch break at work.

I bet they threaten to sue their employer if they do not get their 60 minutes of down time.

And yet, these very same people take offence to members of the emergency services DARING to stop in Tesco’s for some food and water. How utterly ridiculous and embarrassing for the complainers.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

We will continue to share stories about some of the toughest jobs which our colleagues have to deal with in the hope that the 1% of moaners change their very misguided, narrow minded and badly informed attitude towards the emergency services and NHS.


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