Fire Serivce ‘Absolutely Disgusted’ After Firefighters Attacked

Firefighters were left ‘absolutely disgusted’ on Wednesday night after having various objects thrown at them whilst attending an incident in Doncaster.

Crews from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service were called to Chestnut Avenue in Carcroft at 6.57pm on Wednesday 6 February to reports of a wheelie bin fire in a park.

When firefighters arrived on scene they were met by a gang of youths who were initially verbally aggressive, before starting to throw random objects – forcing firefighters to withdraw from the incident until officers from South Yorkshire Police arrived.

This latest attack follows a number of previous incidents during the bonfire period.

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Andy Strelczenie, Area Manager & Head of Emergency Response, said:

“Clearly this group has set fire to a bin, in the knowledge that we would attend, and awaited our arrival where they have hurled abuse and physical objects at our firefighters.

“This is totally unacceptable and we’re absolutely disgusted by what happened.

“Our crews put themselves in danger every day to keep the people of South Yorkshire safe, they don’t deserve to be abused in any way.

“As with the incidents over the bonfire period we’ll be working closely with our police colleagues to identify those responsible and bring them to justice.

“I’m sure they’ll be surprised to find out that this kind of behaviour now carries a custodial sentence of upto 12 months – thanks to a new law that came into force last year.”

Editors Comment

Yet again, we are seeing members of the emergency services being attacked by mindless individuals who should be completely ashamed of themselves.

The irony is, yet again, that if the fools responsible for this attack were trapped in a house fire, then the very same people they are abusing would be the very same people who would come and rescue them whilst putting their own lives on the line.

We can only hope that the fire service vehicles which attended the scene have CCTV on them and that they captured the faces of the pathetic individuals responsible for this attack.

I know that my former colleagues will do everything they can in order to find the mindless thugs responsible and put them before the courts.

We have been covering stories like this for a while now and it seems that more and more Magistrates and Judges are getting tougher with anyone who is put before them having assaulted a member of the emergency services.

Of course, unfortunately this isn’t true yet in all cases, but the tide might be turning.

I am fairly confident that, should the individuals responsible for this attack get caught, then they will have the books thrown at them.

I know that 99.9% of the general public will be outraged by attacks such as this one, because 99.9% of the public support the emergency services.

The idiots who attacked these firefighters should go to sleep each night worrying as to whether or not they are going to be ‘visited’ by the police.

Our civilian readers might think that this sort of thing is uncommon.

But a quick browse of our ‘Assaulted On Duty’ section on our website will show otherwise.


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