WATCH: Harrowing Near-Miss Caught On Dashcam

Surrey Police have released dashcam footage of the shocking moment a truck almost hit a 14-year-old boy on a pedestrian crossing.

The incident took place on 15 November, 2018 at 3.30pm on the A24 Kingston Road, Ewell when a Ford Tipper jumped a set of red lights.

As the Ford Tipper ploughed through the crossing, a 14-year-old boy missed being hit by the vehicle by only a few inches.

The reckless and dangerous driver, Ian Gruber, 39, was identified by the police and was tracked down thanks to the dash cam footage from a nearby HGV driver.

Roads Policing Officer, PC Keiron Palmer, said:

“This incident is a sharp reminder of what can happen if you are caught driving dangerously.

“Fortunately the 14-year-old was not hit, but things could have worked out very differently.

“This incident also demonstrates the important part dash cam footage can play in bringing about a successful prosecution.”

Mr Gruber, of Beverley Way, London, was found guilty following a trial at Guildford Magistrates Court.

He was given a six-week sentence, suspended from driving for 18 months and was also given 80 hours of community service.

He also received a 15-month disqualification with an extended test required at the end of the disqualification period and was also told to pay prosecution costs of £230.

With the increasing popularity of dash cams, incidents such as this one are being recorded more frequently.

The tens of thousands of dash cams now on the roads also means that, if you drive like Mr Gruber, then the chances of you being caught and being presented before the Courts are very high.

Travelling at that speed, it is very likely that the 14-year-old boy would have survived such an impact.

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  • I don’t know the lights involved, but a lot of traffic/crossing lights change from Green through Amber to Red very quickly which doesn’t help drivers or give them enough time to stop from the speed limit in some circumstances, though in this case with the short cropped lead in who knows, perhaps the white van turning right is a clue. It’s especially a problem where pedestrians ignore the Red Man and start crossing before the safety dwell time has expired and the Green Man has been illuminated, or like a lot of s-too-dense (and academics) they simply feel they are a superior being who can ignore the crossing lights and traffic with impunity. From the video and others waiting to cross the later may well have been a factor. Time to revisit the Green Cross Code perhaps?

    • A quick light change is no excuse. When I was a leaner driver I was taught to be aware at crossings if there are any pedestrians. If there are then there’s a good chance they’ll have pressed the button so the lights could change at any time, and that as a driver I should be ready for that. You can see that the lights are on red when this guy goes through at a good speed, showing that he has not made any attempt to slow down in his approach to the crossing despite there being pedestrians waiting on both sides.

  • in a hurry to flytip maybe.
    some put hes going to the scrap yard. i dont think so with garden waste on the back and a cabbage driving.
    what a dick head he needs to go on a driving course.

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