WATCH: Motorist Attempts To Flee From The Police But Ends Up In A Ditch

Karma is sometimes more-or-less instantaneous when it comes to dishing out some much-needed ‘justice’.

As the individual in the video below, who tried to flee from the police in his Mercedes, found out.

Traffic Officers from Thames Valley Police Road Policing Unit had been trying to catch up with the driver of the mercedes all evening, but he kept giving them the slip.

He was wanted by the police, as they suspected that he was disqualified from driving, had no insurance and was involved in a string of thefts.

It was only a matter of time though before units caught up with the driver again, as their coordinated search for people who are trying to give them the slip rarely lets them down.

The driver tried to outwit the officers by mounted a grass verge

A unit found the car. It was stationary at some traffic lights behind several vehicles.

Police positioned themselves to the right off-side of the Mercedes at which point the driver decided to mount a grass bank in order to try and escape.

It didn’t work.

@tvprp | Twitter

The driver of the Mercesdes did not realise that there was a steep bank on the other side of the grass verge and so he quickly descended the steep hill and came to a stop.

Needless to say that officers quickly nabbed the wreckless driver and made the arrest.

The driver of the Mercedes was arrested at the scene for driving whilst disqualified, no insurance, dangerous driving and for a string of recent fuel thefts.

Often, karma really can be a police officers biggest allie when hunting down the individuals who should not be on the roads.

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