Male Who Pleaded Guilty To Impersonating A Police Officer Wanted ‘Cheap McDonalds’

When Vinod Patel got out his fake warrant card, back in November 2018, before swearing at some fellow motorists, he did not realise that the people he was showing his warrant card to and swearing at were actually plain clothed Metropolitan police officers.

At the time of the mishap, Mr Patel had also consumed enough alcohol to put him over the drink drive limit.

When the police officers in the unmarked car informed Mr Patel that they were real police officers as opposed to fake ones, Mr Patel tried to make good his escape but he failed and was arrested by officers at the scene.

Officers from the London Borough of Brent tweeted about the unfortunate encounter on the day that it happened.

Having had his day in court, Mr Patel pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer, drink driving and fraud after it transpired that he had used his fake warrant card in order to get a discount at McDonalds.

Mr Patel was disqualified from driving for 12 months and was fined £1159.

The warrant card was also destroyed.

Let’s just hope that he doesn’t buy another one!

Vinod Patel | @MPSBrent

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