6-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter Of Apology To Police After Dialling 999 By Accident

Whilst there are some adults out there who intentionally abuse and misuse the 999 system, one 6-year-old girl who accidentally called 999 on New Years Eve could teach these adults something.

Izzy Vardy from Annesley was playing with her mums locked mobile phone when she inadvertantly dialled 999 “several times” without realising that she had indeed called the emergency services.

Moments after the accidental calls, her mum received a call from the Nottinghamshire Police Control Room in order to make sure that everything was ok and that no police help was actually needed at the address.

Izzy’s mum later had a chat with her daughter in order to let her know what 999 is for.

A chat that perhaps could also be had with the thousands of adults who knowingly abuse and misuse the 999 system every single day.

Credit: Nottinghamshire.Police.uk

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police said:

‘We received this lovely letter from six-year-old Izzy Vardy from Annesley after she accidentally called 999 on New Year’s Eve.

‘Izzy was playing with her mum’s mobile but it was locked and she pressed emergency call several times without fully understanding what she was doing.

‘Her mum answered a call from Control and was ‘very cross’ with Izzy.

‘She told her about the importance of calling the emergency services and that her calls could’ve stopped someone getting help who really needed it.

‘Izzy sent in this lovely letter along with a box of biscuits which were very much appreciated by our control room staff.

‘She said: “I’m so so sorry to you all and my mummy and daddy. We have chatted about 999 and I understand that you only ring 999 in an emergency.”

‘Thanks to Izzy and her parents for understanding what we do!’

Perhaps anyone who has ever knowingly abused the 999 system could learn something from six-year-old Izzy.

Izzy is a credit to her parents and what a wonderful gesture to not only write a letter of apology but to also send some biscuits into the control room staff.

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