WATCH: Moment Police Officer Rescues 97-Year-Old From House Fire

One of the great things about body worn camera footage, is that the general public get to see the amazing feats of bravery which first responders around the world display on a daily basis.

The emergency services, and the police, in particular, have always had to ‘fight’ against the negative police-related stories which are pumped out by some organisations and journalists who would never possess the bravery, courage and dedication required in order to become a member of the emergency services family.

The video below, is one such example of pure courage, dedication and bravery.

In the body worn camera footage, a Pasco Sheriff Deputy races into a burning building in order to try and save anyone who might be trapped.

As the Deputy searches the property, he enters a room where the fire is located.

In the room, is a 97-year-old lady who is unable to move from her bed as the fire rages just feet away from here.

The Deputy calmly lifts the lady up, whilst reassuing her and asking her if she is ‘ok’.

Battling against the heat and the smoke, the Deputy then carries the lady to safety.

A statement of the Pasco Sheriff’s Facebook page said:

“This morning (Thursday 6th Jan), Pasco deputies responded to a home fire in the 6000 block of Carnation Way in Port Richey. 

“Deputy Justin Ball first made entry into the smoke-filled home where the resident stated her mother was bedridden in her bedroom where the fire originated. 

“Deputy Ball entered the room and originally tried to extinguish the fire but determined that he needed to remove the resident’s mother from the danger and carried her from the residence. 

“Corporal Jeffrey Brown also entered the residence and extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher.

“We are very thankful that no one was injured in this fire and for the quick actions of our Deputies.”

Next time you stumble over an ‘anti police’ article written by someone who has spent their entire life confined to the safety of an officer, then just spend a minute watching this video.

Brave acts such as this one are carried out on a minute-by-minute basis all around the world.

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