‘Coward’ Who Ran From Police Crashes Car Leaving 18-Month Baby Inside

Sometimes you read or hear about an incident and are left completely dumbfounded by the selfishness and cowardliness of another human being.

Yesterday evening, @DerbyshireRPU tweeted about a vehicle that had failed to stop for them and ended up on its roof:

“Long Eaton yesterday.

“Corsa on false plates fails to stop. Lost in Town centre. Then found flipped on it’s roof after hitting 5 cars.

“Driver seen jumping into the canal leaving his partner and 18-month baby in the car.

“No serious injuries. Driver arrested and remains in custody.”

Not only did this ‘coward’ smash into 5 other peoples pride and joy, but his careless and reckless driving, with an 18-month-old child in the car ended up with the car on its roof.

Once the buffoon had crashed his car, rather than making sure that the child was ok, instead he decided that his own bid for freedom was far too important and left the child in the car.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, but the fact that the driver decided to flee from the police with a young child in the car in the first place in itself is incomprehensible.

Nothing is more delicate than the life of a an innocent child who is not able to make decisions in relation to what happens to them.

These ‘individuals’ who run from the police car about no-one other than themselves – we see this time and time again.

The fact that the police weren’t even behind the vehicle at the time and yet the driver still was clearly driving the corsa in a manner whereby it ended up on its roof just goes to show how reckless the driver was.

Let’s hope that the poor child has no long-term effects on his/her emotional well-being having been through such an ordeal.

As I look at my 19-month-old son, I sit here and wonder how someone can be so utterly foolish, selfish and evil.

Some members of our society are a disgrace to the human race.

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