WATCH: Police Officer Takes Wife Out During Emergency Vehicle Ops Training

Ask even veteran blue light responders about what it feels like to be thrown around inside an emergency vehicle and most of them will probably admit to feeling a tad sick at some point.

Screeching around whilst on a blue light run is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping around the body, regardless of what time of the day it is (i.e. whether its a night shift or dayshift).

After a while, you get used to pre-empting the corners and turns which are responsible for the more ‘violent’ blue light runs – including getting an idea as to where the nastied speed humps are.

In the video below, a police office (USA) decided to take his wife out for a quick ‘spin’ on a dedicated private road/coarse used just for police driver training.

The Officer’s wife was unsure as to why her husband decided to film the training, but after a few moments she soon forgot that the camera was there anyway!

Meanwhile, the officer remained calm and composed as he took his wife for a quick ‘spin’ around the track, with the noise of the engine only just being drowned out by the pleas being made by the officers wife to ‘take it easy’.

The police officer who uploaded the video, who goes by the name of ‘Officer Stealth‘ on social media said:

“She was skeptical about what “pushing the limits” for a police vehicle meant.

At least his wife will now understand why her husband sometimes comes home covered in hot chocolate, tea or coffee as drinks are often the first thing to get spilt when you end up turning the lights and sirens on and racing to the next call.

Thanks to our follower, Martin, for sending the link to the video into us.

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