Driver With No Licence Or Insurance Caught Speeding At 123MPH: ‘Wanted A Kebab From Manchester’

Most of us have been there; you end up getting the munchies late at night and the only ‘food’ that you crave is a greasy doner kebab with all of the ‘trimmings’ (normally just loads of onions and soggy lettuce).

If you are ‘lucky’ enough to live near to a fast food outlet, then all you need to do is pop down to your local high street and queue up with all of the other hungry people before getting your fix of reclaimed meat and chilli sauce.

However, one motorist took things a whole lot further. 

So keen was he to get to his favourite eatery, that he got behind the wheel of a car without any insurance and devoid of a driving licence before racing down the motorway at 123 MPH.

@MerPolTraffic | Twitter

Unfortunately for him, and luckily for other road users, the male was swiftly apprehended by the Mersey Police Road Policing Unit.

In a tweet shared on their page (@MerPolTraffic), a member of their team said:

“Car clocked at 123 mph on the M62.

“Driver stated he was speeding as he wanted a kebab from Manchester.

“He forgot to mention that he didn’t have a licence or insurance and the details he gave were his brothers.

“Fingerprints don’t lie!”.

@MerPolTraffic | Twitter

Considering the legal speed limit on motorways in this country is 70 mph, this hungry chap was willing to do almost double that just so he could get to Manchester and feast on a kebab.

Maybe Manchester has the country’s best kebabs but driving without a licence, with no insurance and at 123 mph just to get one of these ‘delicacies’?

Probably not worth it to be fair.

Not when you consider that a lengthy driving ban is perhaps imminent for this driver.

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  • so did he get a ban? he should’ve got prison, what deterrent is a ban whem you don’t care if you have a licence or insurance?

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