WATCH: Driver Undertakes Unmarked Police Car By Mounting The Pavement

Have you ever been out driving and seen a manoeuvre being pulled off by another motorist and thought: ‘I wish the police saw that’?

More often than not, you are just left feeling frustrated after witnessing the sort of driving that defies common sense and then you just have to carry on with your day.

One motorist who did decide to pull off a stupid manoeuvre inadvertently did so right in front of an unmarked police car.

The footage of the incident was captured on a police video camera and shared on the Thames Valley Police Road Policing Unit twitter account (@tvprp).

The tweet said:

“The impatient driver of this Astra was stopped and reported for careless driving after he undertook an unmarked car by using the pavement”.

In the footage, you can see an Astra undertake stationary traffic by mounting the kerb next to a pedestrian crossing before trying to rejoin the stationary traffic again.

The ridiculous manoeuvre enabled the careless driver to gain a whopping 4 car lengths in distance!

If a young child had of been stood at the crossing that the Astra driver drove over then they would have stood no chance as the vehicle mounted the pavement at speed.

The video below will therefore be of some comfort to the decent drivers out there who use the roads safely and hopefully it will act as a warning to any motorists thinking of pulling off a similar manoeuvre just to gain a distance of four car lengths!

Still, not everyone appreciated the fact that a careless driver had been found and reported.

One twitter user instead tried to pull the police up for ‘stopping’ in a yellow box when in fact they hadn’t:

The Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit were quick to enlighten ‘Steve’ following his bizarre tweet.

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One comment

  • Actually I think the pilloried Steve may have a point. It’s not a question of whether they stopped in the yellow box, it’s whether they entered the box when the exit wasn’t clear. It looks to me as both the police car and the red car in front did this. Having said that, the astra was clearly the greater infringer of road traffic law.

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