WATCH: Martin Clunes Sums Up The Feeling Of Most Police Officers

You can often rely on a pro-police / pro-emergency services celebrities such as Martin Clunes to capture the sentiment of many people at a time when our emergency services are having to endure unprecedented workloads whilst coping with the legacy of outrageous cutbacks.

In an interview with This Morning, Mr Clunes reiterated his thanks to the emergency services for the work they do and also shared his concerns about the manner in which the police have been treated by some politicians.

The short clip (below) has been shared thousands of times on social media with the Police Federation Boss, John Apter, also thanking Mr Clunes for helping to highlight the current plight of the police.

Whilst Forces up-and-down the country have been recruiting more officers to replace those who were ‘culled’ during the savage cutbacks, we shouldn’t expect to see any significant impact in relation to the fight against crime anytime soon.

It takes years to train a police officer to the standard required before he/she will be able to go out on an effective patrol after they have achieved their independent patrol status.

And its proactive patrols which really disrupt and deter criminals.

What sits in the mind of many police officers, is the footage of Theresa May accusing police officers of ‘crying wolf’ for highlighting their concerns over the cuts which they faced.

It is good that people who have a voice, people such as Mr Clunes, are able to help to highlight just how much stress the police service and other emergency services are under.

It still is beyond comprehension just how anyone can think that cutting the budget of the emergency services was ever a ‘good’ idea.

But now it’s the public and police officers who are paying the price for other peoples ridiculously poor decisions.

Let’s hope that future Governments never make the same obvious and completely avoidable mistake.

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