WATCH: Bikers ‘Lands’ On Police Car After Wheelie

What are the chances of ‘landing’ on an unmarked police car after pulling off a wheelie?

You might be forgiven for thinking that the chances of this happening are very slim. But try telling that to the biker in the video below who managed to do just that.

In the footage, recorded by the biker himself, you can see him pull off a wheelie whilst in convoy with with loads of other motorbikes.

One of the problems with a wheelie, however, is that you cannot see what is directly ahead of you until your ‘touch down’ again.

As this biker found out.

After ‘landing’ on the back of the police car, the police officer quickly jumps out of the drivers side and ‘jumps on’ the hapless motorcyclist.

The pride of the biker probably sustained more of a blow than the bike itself, as witnessed by the dozens of other bikers who were riding along with the ‘trickster’.

Whilst we get sent a fair few of these types of videos, it is rare to see someone end up like this.

In the majority of cases, the biker ends up slipping away never to be seen again (until they upload their footage onto social media that is).

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