Ambulance Crew In North London Get ‘Parking Ticket’ Whilst On Blue-Light Call

Yesterday evening (Saturday 5th Jan), one of our followers sent us a couple of pictures which they had taken upon returning to their emergency ambulance only to find a ‘parking ticket’ had be left on their windscreen.

The London Ambulance Services Medics were dealing with an emergency call and had left their blue lights activated whilst they were away from the vehicle and treating their patient.

When they returned to the emergency ambulance, they were shocked to see that a ‘parking fine’ had been left on the windscreen of their ambulance – right in front of the drivers view!

No-doubt feeling exasperated by the thought of having to churn out mountains of paperwork in order to get the parking ticket cancelled, they opened the ticket up and found something they weren’t expecting…

Instead of actually writing a ticket, the Civil Enforcement Officer (Traffic Warden in ‘old money’) who ‘issued’ the ticket had written ‘Happy New Year’ on the inside!

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You can just imagine the frown turn into a smile as the crew realised that a Civil Enforcement Officer with a sense of humour had left the ‘ticket’ on their windscreen.

It just goes to show that even though there are too many civil enforcement officers out there who would give an emergency vehicle a ticket, the vast majority of them actually wouldn’t.

It was nice to hear that a bit of friendly banter led to this ‘fake’ ticket being issued.

The Medic who found the ‘parking ticket’ told Emergency Services News:

“We had this left on our ambulance by a parking warden with a sense of humour.

“It had us in stitches when we found it”.

Copyright: Emergency Services News

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