Firefighters Called To Save Dad & Three-Month-Old Baby From Lidl Toilet

A crew from Portchester Fire Station was called to a branch of Lidls this morning at just after 11am in order to break down a door and help out a father who had become trapped in a toilet with his three-month-old baby!

However, this wasn’t just any toilet – it was a toilet that had been fitted with a steel-reinforced door!

A tweet shared on the Portchester Fire Station twitter feed said:

28P4 mobilised to persons locked in a toilet at a local supermarket. 

This was a difficult job as the door should’ve been on a bank vault not a toilet!

Dad and three-month-old baby were all fine when we got the door open”. 

Credit @Portchester28

Judging by the door from the pictures shared on the @Portchester28 twitter feed, then it’s no wonder the Dad could not get out!

Once the mechanism on that door doesn’t work, then your chances of getting out by yourself are fairly slim.

When you think about toilet doors, as you do, then you might be tempted to conjure up images of shoddy wooden doors on cubicles which have big gaps at the top and bottom of them.

Pic Credit @Portchester28

But no. For some reason Lidl decided to use extra-secure reinforced doors on this toilet which would not look out of place on the set of the ‘Italian Job’.

I can only start to imagine just how frustrated the Father must have been to be trapped inside a toilet with his young baby!

Cake fine for Lidl maybe?

Pic Credit: @Portchester28

We have contacted Lidl for comment (not about a ‘cake fine’) – just to find out why such a heavy duty door is needed on a toilet.

We’ll let you know if they respond!

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