WATCH: Male Tries To Take A Police Bike From OUTSIDE Of A Police Station

Gladstone Police (USA) has released some video footage of the moment a police officer interrupts a male who was trying to ‘relieve’ them of one of their bikes.

In the video (below) you can clearly see the suspect walk up to the bike before kneeling down and trying to ‘unlock’ it.

After a short while, a Cop then walks up to the individual before quickly convincing the male to ‘give up’ without too much persuasion.

Whilst we have seen some pretty brazen acts before, this one has to be ‘up there’ as being one of the most shameless attempts to take property belonging to someone else!

Perhaps the fact that the individual who was caught in the act was also wearing a face mask, also alerted police officers that something was ‘amiss’ as he walked up to the police station.

The male should perhaps count himself ‘lucky’ that he did not get several thousand volts of ‘what are you doing’ during the impudent act.

We doubt that he could ever use the excuse that he did not know that the bike belonged to the police, as not only was the window under which it was parked adorned with the word ‘police’ but the bike itself also had police markings on it.

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