WATCH: Police Outtakes: The ‘Bits’ You Wouldn’t Normally See!

Whenever you see a member of the emergency services giving an interview on TV, then you might be forgiven for thinking that they have had some sort of media training owing to their slick performances.

However, whilst some senior management might have, at some point, had some ‘input’ in relation to how to give a great interview, most people just tend to ‘wing it’ when in front of the cameras.

The emergency services tend to, in the main, be quite camera shy and thus will dodge a TV camera at most opportunities.

This is the real reason as to why police officers do not like you standing in front of them, inches away from their faces, recording them on your mobile phones; they are camera shy!

However, one police force in Australia has decided to release the ‘outtakes’ of interviews which were conducted with both police officers and police staff alike.

Western Australia Police Force shared the video below on their facebook page with the heading: ‘Cops: Brave, steadfast, focused’

Some of the responses given during the various interviews are hilarious including: “I dumbed it down to your level” – a line that we might have to ‘adopt’ ourselves.

It’s always refreshing to see the light-hearted side of our colleagues and we have noted that our oppos in Australia always seem to come up trumps for having a sense of humour that they are not afraid to share.


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