Cops In Australia Respond To Spider Death Threats

A man who has a “serious fear” of spiders inadvertently prompted a police response to his address after his was overheard threatening to kill an arachnid.

According to a spokesperson for the local police, a passerby called the emergency services after hearing a toddler “screaming” along with a man shouting “Why don’t you die!?”.

The passerby absolutely did the right thing by calling the police, as he/she was not to know what was going on inside the address.

Police units were immediately sent to the scene, but upon arrival all was not as it had appeared to be.

The Officers quickly established that the male resident had been trying to kill a spider at the address – and obviously the spider was putting up a good fight.

In a tweet shared by the local police, they said that there had been no injuries at the address, “except to the spider”.

With the reputation of some of the species of spider which can be found in Australia, such as the Black Widow, then who can blame him for having such a fear of spiders.

Not being a massive fan of spiders myself, then even I felt a bit creeped out just trying to find pictures of Australian spiders for this article.

So I can only imagine how the male must have felt coming face-to-face with one of these ‘creatures’.

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