‘Something To Think Of As We Start A New Year, What An Ambulance Is For And Why We Are Here’ | Anon

This was sent into us by one of our followers. It sums up quite nicely just how manic tonight will be for members of the emergency services.

Share it with anyone you know who is going out tonight.

‘Twas the night before January
When all through Control
The excitement was building
Almost like a drum roll

Dispatchers dispatching
Calls for help being made
And upon the big table
A large buffet was laid!

As we drew closer to midnight
It got really bizarre
All resources were clearing
At the scene or ER

999 calls stopped ringing
The standby points full
All the additional staff
Must have found it quite dull!

But they couldn’t complain
Being paid time & a half
To sit around chatting
And having a laugh

They knew deep inside
When midnight would chime
Double time would kick in
As we sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’

The clock it ticked closer
And everyone knew
That now was the time
For a wee or a poo!

“Quick make the tea
Grab some food from the spread
As next time we stand
It’ll be time for our bed!”

With one minute to go
No calls were ongoing
Lots of senior managers
Were toing and froing!

Everyone was waiting
For that moment to come
Ten nine eight seven six
Five four three two and one….

As midnight arrived
And a New Year began
We took the first call
For a 60 year old man

His heart had stopped beating
He’d collapsed by his car
And as celebrations began
We commenced CPR

The ambulance was racing
To be by his side
And do all they could do
To keep him alive

Whilst this was ongoing
The phone lines were busy
With multiple 9’s calls
To drunks ‘feeling dizzy’

Resources now low
Control searching their maps
For someone to send
To these fights and attacks

The noise levels rising
Taking 5 calls a minute
Staff are thinking already
‘Oh when will this finish?!’

“Hello Police it’s Ambulance”
“Hello Ambulance it’s Police”
Another fight in a bar?
Another collapse in the street?

This scene carries on
Throughout the whole shift
And as home time approaches
Your mind starts to drift

Thinking of duvets
And pillows and beds
We all cannot wait
To rest our poor heads!

The day shift arrive
And say ‘Happy New Year’
The night shift so relieved
They could all shed a tear!

We begin to handover
And clear up our things
And as we stand up
The phone rings & rings

People out there still waiting
For an ambulance to come
But these crews are off duty
Their work here is done!

Fresh crews now log on
And go straight out the door
To respond to these drunks
Still lay on the floor

As we leave the control room
At the end of the night
We think back to the man
Who gave his wife such a fright

We think not of the fights
Or that guy with a knife
But instead think of the chap
Who had fought for his life

They did all they could
And I’m so pleased to say
He sat up and spoke
And enjoyed New Year’s Day

A fantastic story
As I’m sure you’ll agree
But I can’t help but think
He was really lucky

If his sudden collapse
Was not at 12 but at 1
Then the likelihood is
All resources were gone

Something to think of
As we start a new year
What an ambulance is for
And why we are here

So all that remains

As I change out of my green

Is to say ‘Happy New Year’

Have a great Twenty nineteen.

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