WATCH: Er, Why Have You Got Flashing Multi-Coloured Lights On Your Car?

One of the (many) good things about this time of year, is that multi-coloured LED lights spring up more-or-less everywhere.

That’s assuming, of course, that you like ‘fairy’ lights or that you enjoy the optical marvel of multi-coloured lights flashing all during the day and night.

However, one motorist is clearly so entranced with these festive displays of multi-colour, that they decided to have them installed in the headlights of their car.

Quite when/how/why these lights were fitted remains a mystery.

Maybe the driver likes to park the festive-Ford-Focus right in front of their windows at home in order to try and replicate the aurora borealis? (aka the ‘Northern Lights’).

The ‘northern lights’ (Norway)

After all, the rare spectacle of the northern lights is probably enough to get most people in the mood for some festive joy, even though the northern lights are a year-round phenomenon.

Whatever the reason for having the lackluster visual display installed in their headlights, the local police were not impressed.

In a tweet (see below) shared this afternoon, @HumberBeatRoads tweeted:

‘Beverley Road #Hull stopped during a drink and drug driving road check this morning…..very decorative

‘but unfortunately not legal!’

I guess it could have been worse for the driver – had the lights of been of the blue-flashing variety, then he/she would have had some additional explaining to do.

Maybe it’s best just to keep flashing fairy lights for the Christmas tree….

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