WATCH: WRONG’UN Caught Red Handed

We hear all the time about the hundreds properties which get broken into, with no sign nor trace of the individuals responsible.

During my days on the thin blue line, my neighbours flat (whilst living in sunny Dagenham) got broken into after I had just woken up from a nightshift.

After dialling the 9’s I went into the flat in order to try and collar the unwelcome ‘guest’ as I knew that the nurse who lived in the flat, lived by herself (turns out that she was out).

As I quietly tiptoed into her property, the wrong’un was leaving with, amongst other things, her laptop.

A struggle ensued, during which I got knocked out after being hit in my temple with the laptop as the wrong’un legged it.

He was caught within a couple of weeks and sent to Her Majesty’s B&B.

So not only have I responded to these sort of calls whilst in uniform, I have also been the ‘victim’ of one of these ‘individuals’.

Thus, when I watched the video below, I felt an enormous sense of “I must share this with as many people as possible”.

I have ZERO compassion for people who break into other peoples properties.

‘Hate’ is a strong word.

But I guarantee you that the only people who stick up for the individuals who help themselves to other people property after gaining entry to their houses, are the “loved ones” of the wrong’uns and the wrong’uns themselves.

So anyway, this video is dedicated to anyone who has ever had their property and personal belongs meddled with by an unwelcome ‘guest’ who is not worthy of the oxygen which they inhale.

Of particular note in this video, is the elegant manner in which the officer carried out a ‘distraction’ wallop on the wrong’uns leg in order to catch him off-guard.


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One comment

  • Bloody good job.
    What a pity we are no longer able to put low-lifes like him (and other anti-social offenders) in public stocks and give the law abiding population an opportunity to deliver PROPER justice.

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