‘I’m Left Wondering Why I Bother Anymore With It | Guest Blog

Another message that was sent into us anonymously. This oppo is a Firefighter based in Australia. He works for an Airport Fire Service.

Judging by what he is saying, then I think I might skip flying to Australia anytime soon!

It just goes to show that, no matter where in the world you serve, cutbacks and dodgy management are aplenty!

“Hi guys, love the page and the e-mag (about the only thing that keeps me sane at work).

I apologize in advance for the rant but I feel this is the only safe place I can do it without my employer taking action against me!

So to start off, I’m an fire fighter from Australia and as much as I enjoy and love the job I just struggle to see why I bother with it anymore with the way these drongos in management treat us.

They say they put safety first yet attack our staffing levels, saying things along the lines of aircraft don’t crash so we don’t need as many trucks or firies.

After their cost saving measures gutted our mechanics any issues with trucks not working gets blamed on our driving and not the fact that the same vehicle continues to have the same problem, I guess it’s always easier to blame the workers!

We can’t even respond under lights and sirens as we are apparently not an emergency service anymore.

The same OH&S office person says we can’t climb a ladder over 2 meters as it’s too much of a liability!

We have breathing apparatus that are so old the manufacturer won’t sell parts anymore and DSU’s that are proven faulty but apparently it’s too expensive to get ones that meet standards.

But I feel the real nail in the coffin is the company CEO getting a $80000 bonus on-top of his near $1000000 salary.

It’s just saps the moral right out of you and I’m left wondering why I bother anymore with it.

Sorry for the rant but surely there are similar feelings out there?

Feel free to post but please don’t use my name, I still need me job haha and a big thanks for all you do!”.

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  • As a former Ambo and chemical incident BA wearer, and a current Union H&S rep, the failure to replace faulty DSU’s would be rerportable to the HSE if the employer wouldn’t replace them in the UK, probably leading to a court appearance if not rectified/replaced in short order. Sometimes you have to bring in the government agencies to sort shit like that out!

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