Why You Should Always Double Check The Handbrake On Your Firetruck

Picture the scene:

You turn up to an incident where a car is on fire. A reasonably sized crowd has gathered as they wait with eager anticipation for you to jump into action.

You roll up next to the incident and carry out a rapid dismount from you vehicle; much to the delight of the spectators.

You rush to unreel the hoses as your prepare to douse the flames with your high-pressure jet.

You can almost sense the relief from the crowds as they watch in awe of your selfless act of bravery.

The fire starts to get under control. But things go bad.

You notice out of the corner of your eye, that you truck is starting to move.

‘That’s strange’ you muse to yourself. ‘Who is moving my truck out of the way?’.

And then, it dawns on you.

No-one is driving the truck. It is driving itself. You forgot to put the handbrake on and now the truck is hurtling towards an electricity pylon.

You quickly ditch the hose and run to save the truck (and surrounding buildings). But, it’s too late.

The truck has now mowed over the towns supply of electricity and thousands of residents are going to be without power.

Not only that, but you now have to explain to your Chief as to why the towns fire truck ended up causing more damage than the original call that you were sent to deal with.

And all because you forget to check that the vehicles handbrake was on…..

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