Why Are People Talking About How 999 Vehicles Park In ‘Spotted’ Groups?

Firstly, I would like to say ‘thanks’ to the person who sent this image/link into us, because our ‘community based’ reporting is an important part of how we share stories. 

Secondly, I would like to ask if anyone knows why ‘spotted in’ groups/pages on social media are so obsessed with the manner in which emergency vehicles are parked? 

For anyone yet to come across a ‘spotted in’ group or page, then these ‘social enterprises’ tend to basically share pictures of ‘things’ which have been ‘spotted in’ a local area. 

Not being in one such group myself means that I don’t really know much more about these groups, other than the crude and basic summary that has been provided above. 

I guess that perhaps the intention of these groups was, at one point, sincere.

But it would seem now that the groups have become a hotbed of activity for talking about how emergency vehicles, on emergency calls, have parked. 

We get quite a few links sent into us from people who are in these groups and thus we feel confident in our assessment (in relation to the volume of ‘chatter’) of just how obsessed these groups have become with taking pictures of emergency vehicles, sharing the pictures in their groups and then passing judgement on where the emergency vehicle should have parked. 

In this case, we have an ambulance that was parked in a space that meant the crew of the ambulance could get quick and ready access to their patient. 

The time the crew saved in relation to not having to look for a parking space and then not having to maneuver their large vehicle into the parking space, meant that more time could be given to treat their patient. 

But it would appear that the admin of this page in particular, was not happy with the ambulance crew. 

So much so, that he/she shared with the other 18,000 followers ‘advice’ in relation to where he/she thought the ambulance should have parked. 

Thankfully, most of the members of the group/page pointed out the simple fact that if the patient needing help was a member of their own family, then they would demand and insist that the ambulance be parked wherever it needed to be in order to help their relative. 

A fine example of double standards if ever you wanted to try and find one. 

So, does anyone know just why these ‘spotted in’ groups/pages have become so obsessed with telling the emergency services where they can and cannot park whilst dealing with emergency calls? 

A quick shout out to the sensible people who stuck up for the emergency services on the post in question. We love you. 

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