Police Traffic Unit Finds £500,000 CASH In Vehicle On M6

Following on from a job that police dealt with yesterday (18th December) Police Officers from West Midlands Police (Traffic Unit) stopped a vehicle earlier on today as it travelled along the M6.

The traffic stop was part of a joint operation between the roads policing unit and other specialist departments & teams from within West Midlands Police. 

The vehicle was stopped close to Junction 1 on the busy motorway. 

As officers searched the vehicle, they found a large holdall that contained approximately £500,000 in cash. 

Pictures shared on the @TrafficWMP twitter page revealed the bundles of cash which had been bound together. 

No doubt there is a criminal gang out there somewhere, who will be wondering where their huge stash of cash ended up. 

We have heard of some fairly decent hauls of cash being seized, but £500,000 is definitely up there with perhaps the largest haul of cash being found in a car in recent months, if not years. 

Hopefully the cash can be ploughed back into the departments which put in the ground work that led to the money being seized. 

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