WATCH: Moment Horse Is Freed From Ditch & Barbed Wire

Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service have shared some footage of the moment that a horse was finally freed after becoming stuck in a freezing bog of water and mud. 

The horse had also become trapped in barbed wire in the near-freezing conditions in the early hours of this morning. 

The tweet shared on the @StaffsFire twitter account said: 

“This is the moment Dave the horse was freed from his ordeal of being stuck in water and mud and tangled in barbed wire.

“Thanks to the crew from Burton, Tamworth water rescue team and the specialist animal rescue team from Cannock”. 

Pic credit: @StaffsFire

A spokesperson for the service said: 

“Dave the horse who was stuck in water and mud near Woodhouses is now back safely on dry land.

“Specially trained crews of firefighters got him out. He’s now gratefully warming up and drying off after his experience.”

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