Emergency Medical Technician Kept A Promise Made To A Homeless Man After Responding To A 999 Call

When Rhys Tucker received a call from his control room about a homeless male who needed medical assistance after someone set his tent on fire, he arrived at the scene within minutes.  

After giving the man a check over and ensuring that he got the medical help that he needed, he was left feeling empathy for the man who, by virtue of the fire, had all of his possessions destroyed.

The fire itself had been started deliberately by individuals who thought that it would be ‘funny’ to torch the homeless mans only possessions.  

When Rhys, and EMT with the Welsh Ambulance Service, returned back to his station, he arranged a collection in order to buy a replacement tent and blankets for the male. 

Rhys told ITV news: 

“He lost his tent, he lost his sleeping bag and I took it upon myself then to seek the aid of my colleagues in the Cardiff and Vale ambulance stations and the Heath where we arranged a whip-around and got a collection. 

“We managed to get him a new tent and some new clothes and put him in touch with a charity who look after homeless people around Christmas time – a lot of people have been involved in this”. 

Jason Killens, Chief Executive of Welsh Ambulance Service said: 

“This is fantastic to see.

“Well done and thank you to WelshAmbulance colleagues in Cardiff who’ve had a whip round to buy a new tent for this homeless chap after his old one was set on fire this week.

“Always caring for everyone in our community”.

Image / Featured Image Credit: ITV News

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