‘We Have No Capability To Patrol And Keep The Roads Safe’

If you really want to know what is happening, then you only need to speak to the men at women who are on the front line. 

By doing this, you will circumvent the wave, after wave, after wave of waffle and spin; both of which act to distort the truth and present a situation as being wholly different from reality. 

The headline of this article, was taken from a tweet that has been shared by a Traffic Sergeant. 

If ever there was a plea for help both in terms of resources and in terms of support, then you need look no further than such a tweet. 

Some in power do not like the idea of front line staff having twitter accounts. Because you cannot control the information. You cannot distort and twist facts in order to hide the truth. 

The fact that someone who is responsible for trying to keep our roads safe, is calling out for help shows just how much damage has really been done by the savage cuts which were inflicted upon our emergency services. 

Our team of former emergency services personnel, are 100% apolitical. We do not support nor endorse any political party. 

But we do have a passion for the welfare of our colleagues. We do have a passionate drive to help them share their messages. And we do have a passion for ‘common sense’ – one of the most underrated yet essential traits that humanity desperately needs, but is currently lacking. 

In the past, certain politicians accused police officers of ‘crying wolf’ when talking about the repercussions of cuts. Oh how wrong the politicians were. 

You have to be seriously detached from reality, to expect that cutting the emergency services would not have serious consequences. 

And yet, we need only look at the wave of violent crime that has swept across the country to know that the police were right and the politicians (not all, but some) were wrong. 

The Government is trying to shore up the funding gap which they created. Is it too late? Will it work? Who knows. 

What we do know, is that there is a Roads Policing Unit out there who are now paying the price for the incompetent decisions which have been made by others. 

And people are losing their lives as a direct result. 

This traffic sergeant has made a plea for help. Let’s hope that he is listened to and that he is not shunned or censored for telling the truth. 

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