Can ‘The Firetones’ Make It To Christmas Number 1?

For anyone who may not yet be aware, a group of 38 firefighters from around the country have come together in order to try and raise money for The Firefighters Charity & Band Aid via their cover of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’. 

We shared their story last week, but since then their catchy track has been gaining even more momentum. 

At the moment, their track is at the number 3 slot on both Amazon and iTunes – but can you, our readers, help them and the emergency services push this track to number 1? 

In an average month, our facebook pages reach around 10 million people and our website has around 500,000 visitors each month, so hopefully, with a bit of gentle encouragement, we can push them even further up the chart. 

The track only costs £1 to download and is available on all major streaming services including, of course, iTunes and Amazon. 

The video below has now also been viewed nearly 600,000 times which is an incredible achievement in itself. 

The Firetones have asked us, to ask you, to help spread the word and to help them increase awareness of this fantastic track. 

If you have a spare few seconds, then please share this article on your timeline so that your friends and family can get behind this fantastic group of serving firefighters. 

With your help, the Firetones really could make the Christmas number 1 spot and thus will ensure that a genuine, top-quality track takes the highly coveted position at the top of the charts at this special time of the year! 

To download the track, then please CLICK HERE

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