Don’t Fall For The ‘Dial 141999’ To Get An O2 Refund “Prank”!

As millions of people using the O2 network get used to once again being able to surf the net using their mobile devices, a ridiculous ‘prank’ seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. 

Some numpties are telling people that, in order to get a refund from O2, then you need to call ‘141999’ – DON’T!!!! 

Firstly, this isn’t a prank. You could potentially get into trouble for misusing the 999 system (for anyone how hasn’t worked it out yet, dialling ‘141’ ‘hides’ your number (when in reality, it doesn’t) and then of course we have the ‘999’ element. 

A couple of official police twitter accounts have shared their frustration at having to deal with the individuals who are falling for this ‘prank’ 

Just why the buffoons who start these sort of ‘pranks’ think that clogging up the 999 system is in any way ‘funny’ is beyond comprehension. 

I am fairly confident that if the buffoons who started this ‘prank’ needed to call 999 because they needed help, then they would be horrified to hear the ‘engaged’ tone after dialling the 9’s. 

So please, share this information with your friends and colleagues so that this ‘prank’ (aren’t ‘pranks’ supposed to be funny?) does not end up costing someone their life. 

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