EXCLUSIVE: 36 Met Police Detectives Apply To Transfer To Surrey Police In Less Than 48 Hours

At a time when Officers in the Metropolitan Police are having to deal with a huge increase in their workload in the wake of the, quite frankly, incompetent cuts which were made to the emergency services, we hear that a significant number of Detectives have applied to leave the force. 

Our source, who did not want to be named, explained that nearly 40 Detective Constables had applied to their line managers to transfer to Surrey Police. 

The reason for this mass-exodus appears to be down to the fact that detectives are being forced to move from South London to North London meaning that their ability to be able to get to work and juggle child care would become near impossible. 

Former Met Police Officer, Graham Wettone, said on twitter (@GrahamWettone)

“This is not a surprise as someone in the Met has decided to compulsory transfer detectives from South London to North London. 

“Most live further south outside of London and work unsocial hours. 

“Unlike those making the decisions. 

“This will only make shortage of detectives worse”. 

Police Officers in the London force often face a constant threat of being moved time and time again, as many see senior officers making these sort of decisions in order to provide ‘evidence’ for further promotion. 

This process of constantly changing things and constantly moving people around in order to ‘prove’ that you can streamline procedures or create better ‘productivity’ often ends up causing more harm than good. 

Whilst those who are relatively young in service probably do not mind being moved, as you become more settled in your domestic life, enduring the constant changes which flood down from some levels of senior management causes no-end of people to resign from the Job.

And this at a time when the Met are trying to shore up the massive gaps which were left following the savage cuts which were made to not just the Met, but to police forces up-and-down the country. 

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